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In 2013, Polkasound Productions converted from a conventional recording studio to one that's centered around a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). In layman's terms, it means is that every audio service we provide at the studio, from multi-track recording and mixing to MIDI-based production, is now performed via computer software. As a musician, recording at our studio will sound and feel the same as if you were recording at any conventional studio. It's mainly when we begin editing, embellishing, and mixing your music, or when we work with MIDI, that the flexibility and power of our state-of-the-art DAW system will become apparent.

One of the key highlights of Polkasound Productions and a core component of our DAW is the Virtual Studio Technology instrument (VSTi) libraries. In layman's terms, a VSTi library is like having all of the sounds of a MIDI sound module stored on a computer hard drive, but the quality of the sounds is greatly improved and the flexibility to edit and manipulate the sounds is highly advanced. At Polkasound, we have several VSTi libraries collectively containing over 32,350 sounds. No, that is not a misprint.

Studio Highlights:
  • DAW-Based 24-Bit Recording & Sequencing
  • Extensive Libraries of VST Instruments
  • Twenty-Five Years of Production and Engineering Experience
  • Musician Owned and Operated
  • Quiet Suburban Location
  • Relaxed Home Studio Atmosphere
  • Session Musicians Available
  • Refreshments Provided
For detailed information about recording at Polkasound, please read our Recording Guide.





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